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Labour leadership hustings – have you taken part yet?

Labour’s leadership and deputy leadership candidates are touring the country and taking part in hustings. There are still quite a few coming up in: Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, London, Brighton & Warrington.

You can also take part in the discussions on Twitter using hashtags #labourleadership and #labourhustings

What better opportunity to ask the candidates directly if they support a truly equal Labour and country, with no state support for religious privilege or discrimination against non-religious people.

Some questions you might want to ask are:

  • Do you oppose the ability of state-funded faith schools to discriminate on religious grounds against families and teachers?
  • Do you support the teaching of non-religious world views such as Humanism equally alongside religious perspectives in schools?
  • Would you support legislation to ensure that humanists in England and Wales will be able to have a legal marriage ceremony?
  • Do you support an end to having reserved seats for Church of England Bishops in the House of Lords?
    Would you defend freedoms of thought, expression and belief at home and internationally, including through opposing blasphemy laws?
  • Do you think public services should secular?
  • Would you support a change in the law to permit assisted dying for people who are terminally ill or who are permanently and incurably suffering?
  • Do you believe the NHS should fund unproven alternative “treatments” such as homeopathy?