Our history

Humanism and Labour have long been intertwined dating back to the earliest days of both organised movements.

In 2021, Labour leader Keir Starmer paid tribute to this history with a video for Humanists UK’s 125th anniversary.

Labour’s first Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald was one of Humanists UK’s first Chairs; Nye Bevan was a Humanists UK member as well as creator of the NHS; as was Jennie Lee, who created the Open University; Dora Russell, who campaigned for abortion rights; and more recently Rhodri Morgan, First Minister of Wales and the father of Welsh devolution. 

Key names in the humanist movement were also important players in the Fabian movement, and the Labour Representation Committee, both of which gave rise to the modern Labour Party.

Today we continue this relationship seeking to uphold human rights and equality, ensure provision of inclusive education in schools, and safeguard LGBT, reproductive rights, and other freedoms.