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This summer the spotlight has been on religious discrimination in admissions to state-funded faith schools. We have argued that selection by faith schools is often, in practice, discrimination against children and families along class and ethnicity lines, as well as particularly against the non-religious. See, comment on and vote for our submission to Labour’s policy …
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London Assembly Member Tom Copley and Labour Humanists have made a joint submission to Labour’s policy review on admissions to state-funded faith schools. We want Labour’s policy commissions urgently to consider and address the growing problem of selection and discrimination by state-funded faith schools, and make fair, inclusive admissions a manifesto commitment. Read our full …
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We have made two submissions to Labour’s policy review on behalf of our members, which will be considered by Labour’s policy commissions. The first is on secular public services and the second on Lords reform (Bishops in the Lords). Labour’s Your Britain policy site allows you to make comments on submissions and also vote in favour …
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My Lords, today we speak up on behalf of the silent majority, for those of us who do not attend any place of worship, whether church, mosque or synagogue. It is a silent majority, whose full contribution to British society has perhaps been unsung for too long. In contrast, we find that religious voices are …
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Labour Humanists’ Chair Naomi Phillips writes for political website on the need for Labour to break its silence and speak out against discriminatory faith schools.

Some ideas for Labour’s policy review

July 12th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in Blog | News - (2 Comments)

Labour’s policy review provides a unique chance to influence Party policy. We are working on our formal responses to the review, all of which are aimed to help to create a more equal, ethical and secular Labour. In brief, we would like Labour to consider the following policy options: Faith schools Labour’s policy towards schools …
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Fantastic news on humanist marriage

July 9th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in News - (0 Comments)

On Monday 8 July the Government agreed to set in motion moves which would see humanist marriages be made lawful in England and Wales, as they have been in Scotland since 2005. This is a hugely significant change and one which we are delighted about. We have been working closely with the British Humanist Association …
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Tory education chief Michael Gove has colluded to hand over control of thousands of nominally secular state schools to the Church of England. In an unprecedented and totally unnecessary move, Church of England academy chains will have a new ability to incorporate community schools. The Government has given assurances that the Church would not be …
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Labour Humanists on BBC One’s The Big Questions

April 10th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in News - (0 Comments)

Labour Humanists’ Chair Naomi Phillips was invited to take part in an hour long special episode of BBC’ One’s popular Sunday morning programme The Big Questions. The topic was ‘Should Britain Become a Secular State?’ and other guests included A. C. Grayling, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, Gita Sahgal, and Bishop Michael Nazir Ali. Watch the episode.