For a more equal, ethical and secular Labour

Despite an organised and concerted effort led by Conservatives, Bishops, and other religious Peers, to stop the equal marriage Bill in its tracks, a wrecking amendment was overwhelmingly defeated in a vote last night. The Bill is now likely to make swift progress through the House of Lords before becoming law. Speaking in the debate, …
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Chair of Labour Humanists Naomi Phillips writes for  LabourList, an independent progressive blog providing a platform for open debate about centre-left issues and the future of the Labour movement, on why Labour should support equal marriage for humanists in England and Wales. Follow us on Twitter @LabourHumanists.

Discriminatory faith schools – update

November 20th, 2012 | Posted by Admin in Blog | News - (0 Comments)

Selective faith schools and One Nation Labour A big concern for Labour Humanists is the near-silence from the Labour Party on the issue of permitting state-funded faith schools to discriminate in their admissions policies. Labour Humanists’ chair Naomi Phillips blogged about this on, and argued that support for selective religious schools went against One Nation …
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