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Our Patrons

Angela Eagle MP, Former Shadow Business Secretary and Deputy Leadership candidate.

Lord Neil Kinnock, former Leader of the Labour Party.


What our supporters have to say

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Tom Copley, Labour London Assembly Member
The values of secular Humanism are essential to Labour’s mission to create a fair, just and equal society.  Labour Humanists play a vital role in promoting these values within the Labour Party, and in opposing religious privilege.



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Joan Smith, feminist author and columnist 
We desperately need more humanist and secular voices in the Labour party – and Parliament. This is the only life we have and making it better for other people, on the basis of rational and humane decisions, should be at the heart of our politics.



Kelvin NewKelvin Hopkins MP, All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group Vice Chair 
My democratic socialist and humanist views are indissolubly linked so the Labour Humanists are a natural home for me.  With a substantial increase in the proportion of people in Britain professing “no religion” between the 2001 and 2011 censuses, together with Labour’s ongoing recovery from 2010, Labour Humanism is surely coming into its own.  It seems too that our new Leader is broadly one of us.  More good news!