For an equal, ethical and secular Labour

Our Priorities

With a new Labour leadership team, a new Labour chair of the All Party Parliamentary Humanist Group, and more Labour Humanists members and supporters than ever before, we have a great opportunity to help shape Labour to become more equal, ethical and secular.

We campaign within Labour on key issues of importance to our members, such as faith schools, public services, equality and freedom of expression.

Our key aim is becoming an affiliated socialist society. This would give us representation on the party’s NEC and more clout in fighting for humanist issues. One of the criteria in achieving this is achieving a membership of 500. We are on our way to achieving this, but need to keep expanding. If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining, please become part of our movement to take our campaigns to the next step.


3 Responses

  • Campaigning against sectarian schools and academies as they are divisive and discriminate creating further inequalities in their selection of pupils
    Reform of House of Lords to a fully elected chamber.
    Policies that tackle inequality in wealth, health, opportunity,, education etc must be part of Humanism as it puts human happiness as a main goal. People before Profits is such a goal. Nationalisation of public services, utilities, railways, etc and a commitment to cooperatives in housing, work place as a way of protection from the attacks of right wing governments.
    Gender inequality and challenging patriarchy is a part of the definition of Humanism and therefore be monitored within the BHA , eg in 50/50 panels etc and in society.
    A more robust challenge to religious privilege, including, the monarch’s role and the place of the C of E within Britain.

  • Richard Winter says:

    Discriminatory school admissions and transport subsidies should end.
    Evangelising groups taking over public services is unacceptable.
    The annual denial of a non-religious representative at the Cenotaph and other commemorations is shamefully insulting to the fallen who were not believers, and the many attending and watching on TV who feel excluded.
    Personally I would criminalise all forms of female and male genital cutting of those too young to consent. Religious arguments for these barbaric legacies of primitive communities must be judged by today’s standards only.
    There should be no integral prayers or worship in any local/devolved government formal meetings, or in Parliament.

  • Arthur. Threlfall says:

    Good to see the organisation growing. All issues as described are vital. However for me the the overall issue is freedom of expression.
    It would be great to see Giles Fraser being challenged!

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